the woodland fairy & medical updates!

 Hey bloggers !
I love small things and today I have an ATC to share with you.
If you are not familiar ant ATC is an Artist Trading Card-
 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, (usually mixed media) art on a little card.
What I love about this size is you can try something different, experiment new techniques,
 it doesn't take a days to finish and it's cute.
Most people create them to trade in the mail - I have not done that,
I like my little creations and am thinking about doing something different with them.
(I am just not sure what that is yet! LOL!)

This card actually has lots of steps
you can go to The Rubber Cafe blog 
or Clear Scraps blog for details!
Clear Scraps ATC
Woodland fairy stamp
You're So Fine Glitter
Scrap Happy Glue
Faber Castell-Design Memory Craft Gelato
sentiment - Crafty Secrets

Medical Update:
Thank you! So many of you have sent me sweet emails
and have been praying for me (gall bladder surgery) !
I believe your prayers are working!
I had an appotinment last Tues to check on the status
of my inscisions (last Fri they though I was allergic to the Dermabond)
 but since my last posted update they had gotten worse!!!
Turns out I am allergic to the stitches!!
 They wanted to reopen my healed incisions and CUT the the stiches out!!! :O
I was in a panic! I was thankful that my surgeon was out of town and they had to wait!
After days of welts, maddening itching, swelling and a lot of praying
I am happy to report I am healing and feeling much better.

Being a worshipper two old songs kept coming to my mind
Whose Report do you believe?
By Ron Kenoly

and My help
from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I hope that you listen to these and are blessed!
And  my winner from the blog hop!
 Is MAYA!!
Please email me your addy and I will pop
your package in the mail!

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