Weekend happenings with the Barakats!

 Hello friends.
How was your weeekend?
We had a fantastic last minute impromtou weekend in
Over the years I have learned  to go with the flow
when it comes to hubbys spontinaity!
He has been working a lot of hours and got the weekend off
so he said "road trip " and everybody got excited!
I loved the BIG BIG trees!

 And the water - we didn't get too far into Louisiana
so we din't get to see a bayou - I would love to go back and
do a swamp tour one day!

 We DID see gators! LOL!
And our oldest got to see her boyfriend who happens to be stationed
in Lousiana. (Hence the destination.)
 We also got to visit the Air Force Museum on base.

 This was the kids favorite.
I really like the bench.

Overall it was a great time for all!
What did you do this weekend?


Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
right here.