Manic Mondays:Operation Clean Up Continued 8

Hey there bloggers. The organization continues...Here is wall number 2.
I just realized I didn't number the cabinets or drawers  but I will still try to give you the details.
From left to right - on the top has plastic containers full of papers and embellies by manufacturer.
I don't  like the way it looks but it is effective - I have tried several different ways  and  always come
back to these because they work. In the blue shelves are all my mists. Next , in my printers tray
I have alcohol inks, Paint daubbers, distress stains, glitter, flocks.

I moved my Tonic cutter over here. (LOVE this cutter - seriously.)
My Cricut, Epic Six and the plastic containers on this side of
the room house my current DT products.
(Again - ugly but it works. Maybe I will paint the wood black...
It wont help the plastic containers though...)
I still need to purchase cabinet handles.

 Drawer #1 (from right to left) house all my tapes - mostly Love My Tapes of course!

 hmm I didn't notice this pic came out on the wrong side. Anyways this is the 
cabinet underneath the tapes. All my card stock if filed by color not manufacturer.
It pulls out on a track.

 Drawer #2 Stickles, Exacto knives and battery re charger. 

 Underneath are tiny embellishments, cutting stencils...

 You have probably seen one of these before but just in case here is the outside...

 Here is the inside - brads, buttons, eyelets arranged by color.
Drawer #3 Misc Pens, Pencils, misc. 

 Cabinet underneath albums in progress.

 Drawer #5 yep - there it is, the Tim Holtz drawer!

 Cabinet underneath - empty albums. 

 Drawer #6 Masks! I tried to everything in sections- this drawer is under the counter where 
my mists are. I also have a glass cutting board that I use for inking or misting- easy clean up. 

 Underneath that drawer are stamps and inks. It looks clean but I am afraid what 
lurks underneath is MAYHEM! The dreaded stamp storage dilemma...

Terribly unorganized, I am still looking for a better solution.

 The mists.
 Printers Tray.

 Ugly and plastic...gotta work on this, it's an eyesore but effective.
 Drawer #6 full of inks and daubers is actually on the next wall,
but right in the corner with the masks drawer.

 On the other side drawer #7 house my Shimmerz, Viva Pearl  pens and other misc. paints.
 Underneath are my acrylic paints, arranged by color. 

 And lastly my notebooks,'s a good thing I am doing this
I forgot about this cabinet, these really don't need to go in here. 
Definitely a place I can purge- I only need one of these binders for DT contracts and 
hard copies of my classes. I can put it in with the albums I am working
on and empty this entire cabinet...Maybe next week I will figure it out and revealed this wall finished.
Thanks for all your comments ans encouragement.
I am determined to finish this before the kids get out of school!
Whenever I have gotten stuck I worked on another part of the house,
watching a little "Clean House" has helped! LOL!
I may show you some of those pics when my scrapbook room is done!

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