Happy Mothers Day!

Hey there bloggers Rita Barakat here and todays Mothers day post
(well the pictures and planning) is actually brought to you my dear hubby Chris Barakat.

If you have elementary kids in school you have probably been hit up for money 
recently for Mothers day presents and such. Even the schools have gotten in the 
act using shopping at school for fundraisers - I understand that they need to do fundraisers 
but it frustrates me because I would much rather would have something personal 
(besides my kids don't know how to shop, I don't need a stuffed pet monkey or baseball LOL!)
 What happened to that days when we made our moms homemade gifts? So I put hubby on the job!

 They pulled out my Faber-Castell products and some papers hubby cut to size 
(he DOES know how to use my tools!! But he doesn't scrapbook.) And let the kids get to work!
Hubby even got in the act, I wonder if that's for me or his mom? 
I wonder which kid took this pic? Not bad.
The caddy is perfect for this type of project!
And  there you have it - easy made Mothers day!
Hope yours is wonderful!


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