"Go to" cards

Hey there bloggers!
Today I have a quick tip on cards.
 I don't make a ton of cards but when I do, most of the time, you wont see sentiments on them.
Why? You ask? I am so glad you asked that question!
Because I need "go to" cards!
A card that can fit any situation in a  pinch!
If I need a card I find one to match the recipients personality,
                             add an appropriate sentiment and personal note and I can have it
ready in a snap- perfect and prsonal made just for them!
These cards were made for just such an occasion!
These polka dots were made
with the background basics 2 stamp from The Rubber Cafe.
They were stamped & heat embossed on textured black cardstock,
then I colored over them with metallic Gelatos (you didn't think I was going to
make a card with out Gelatos did you?)
I spread the color with a wet paint brush and the embossed sections acted like a resist.
I cut it up and mounted it onto the actual card - easy!
Do you make any "go to" cards?

background basics 2 stamps
Scrap Happy Glue
circle punch

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