Getting back to inside

 Finally I am up and about - slowly  but surely healing.
Thank you for your sweet get well wishes!
I was even blessed by a very sweet friend sending me flowers!
If you did not catch  my post I recently had emergency surgery
but I am doing better now.
It is amazing things that you take for granted, that come naturally
until you can't anymore because they cause you great pain -
like getting up all by yourself, walking, laughing, sneezing, coughing,
taking a deep breath,
having a coherent conversation...
In addition to healing I was chair bound (thank God for recliners!)
 and in and out of consciousness so when I was awake I was bored.
I watched a lot of movies- OK well parts of the movies because I kept falling asleep!
One day I was determined to get back to scrapping, I had my night owl
go get the basics(scrapbook room is upstairs! eeek!)-
by the time we had it all set up I was
too exhausted and went back to sleep! LOL!
Later I had him take it back and just get me a pencil and my sketchbook,
here are some of the pics I drew!

 I don't know why but this one reminds me of my oldest daughter
when she was headed off to college.

This one is kinda funny to me - instead of  drawing what naturallycomes to me
 I was trying to make the eyes really big and cartoon like.
When I finished her face I just knew she was a super hero!
This was about week after surgery,
I was still not functional and frustrated.
The house was a disaster,
 the kids were running amuck, everyone kept asking me questions!
  I am drawing this girl thinking what am I "superwoman"?
You probably can't read it on the page because lighting is bad and it's in pencil
 but I wrote "Hold on while I grab my cape!" on the page.
Probably won't be drawing this type of girl again, not really my style,
 but  a little art therapy is good I think.

So anyways I still have not had the time to catch up on all your lovely blogs,
I still have some pain, get tired easily and get nausous in the car. 
 I have lots of catching up to do - house stuff, kid stuff, work projects due, etc.
 but I did manage to pick not just
two but 4 winners from the Faber-Castell/Prima Blog Hop.

Miriam P
Sharon G
and Renee (Luv This Scrap)

Please email me your addy and I will get these out next week!
Thank you for being so patient and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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