Send it Clear Cards

     Hey bloggers - feeling a but under the weather
(and that's a total bummer because the weather is gorgeous 80 with a breeze!)
so I thought I would post something that I had posted elsewhere but forgot
to post on my blog.  These cards are sooo fun, from Clear Scraps!

I think that your first instinct is to completely cover
the card but I couldn't help but leave it, just keeping it sweet & simple!
Papers are Ta Da Creative Studios!

Whats going on online?

How about a DT call at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out?
This was one of the first DT's I was on and it really helped me grow, the kits are fantastic
and you will love it! Check it out!
Clear Scraps is giving away four of these "send it clear cards" like I used for this project!
Check it out on their blog !

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