Manic Mondays Operation Clean Up Continues! 7

 Do you want to see whats in my purse?

Sure you do! But instead I am going to show you whats inside my cabinets!
Back to business! Operation Cleanup!My scrapbook room organization continues! 
Today I will share with you wall one!
 I have digitally labeled each drawer and cabinet
in case you want to see where everything goes!

 My first two drawers are full of embellishments - I would love to say they are all in there

but they are not, there are odd things that don't really go into any collection.
These plastic white cubbies interlock and actually have little clear drawers, I got them years

ago from Roberts Crafts store but I don't remember the manufacturer. I put that 
rubber skid resistant  stuff underneath so they wont slid around in the drawer.

 This is my favorite drawer! I call it my texture drawer!
All my pastes, spackle, anything to make textures!

 This is all my back stock of adhesives, I use an ATG 
gun that is stored elsewhere - I use this at home and 
Glue Glider Pro that I use when I travel. I love them 
both but as you can imagine I go through A LOT of adhesive! 
It gets expensive and I hate running out in the middle of a project!
 For liquid my favorite is Scrap Happy Glue. 

 Fiber anyone?
I saw this idea somewhere online years ago
I cut those plastic containers (art bin I think?) and lined 
them up in the drawer. I like things by color so I know right
where to go to find it! Anything to do with sewing goes in here!
 All my photo paper and ink goes in this drawer.
 Remember I said color - my ribbons are in here, sorted by color.
Now sad to say this is not ALL my ribbon, this is just the small width ribbons.
They are rolled up on small wooden old fashioned clothespins. 
The top shelf has back up photo CD's, the box has all my warranties
and instruction manuals to any tools in my scrapbook room.

 Here are the photos that were printed before I started 
printing pictures myself and scrap booking. Also pictures that other people

 have given to me. I am not unorganized - family pictures are organized by date,
or person if they are doubles, some are separated by themes like the BK know

 Here are all things Cricut and Sizzix.
The top wooden drawer has wooden letters in it.
The sheet on the left is a cheat sheet for all the settings for my Cricut.
These boxes are from the old scrapbook room that was orange (love that color.)
The top shelf is papers by  different manufacturers,
the second shelf is collections I put together for future albums. (Including the album.)
The bottom has a box for my receipts, behind  it are large empty boxes for future use!
Dun dun dun...
(are you feeling the old time horror flick music?)
I know this looks crazy but in here, is anything that I could possibly alter!
Seems chaotic but it's kinda like a treasure trove of junk that
I can pull from when I need an item to alter or have a stuck moment and 
need to do something different. 
I promise all my other drawers and cabinets look organized - there
were so many weird shaped things that I really could not find an
easy way to store this and keep all these items in one place. So until 
I find another way to do this I am good with it. It works for me
and that really is the bottom line - it has to work for you, if it doesn't change it!
Are you organizing your place? 
I wanna see!
P.S. thanks for the well wishing! I am better, then baby girl got sick,
now hubby is sick! I have some blog catching up to do,
I promise I will make the rounds soon!

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