An ARTsy Card

Hey there bloggers! First thank you for all the encouragement on my
"Operation Clean Up" post!
I have to say about five hours into it I was thinking
"what am I nuts??? I will never get this done!"
But I carried on and although it looks disasterous
right now I know I made progress...
It just doesn't look like it! LOL!
Well if you have been on my blog for a while you 
know I have a hard time with cards so
I had to think out of the box in order to create one! This is the result!
I call it an ARTsy card!
I was so excited to get the Vintage Treasures stamp set from The Rubber Cafe
and use all these wonderful Images!
Right away I went for my Faber-Castell stash and my journal.
I stamped the images all over the page with my  Stampers Big Brush...
 Added color with Gelatos...
 Some of the places I blended with Lil' Inkerz (a sponge with a handle),
I didn't use water- just blended the color with the dry sponge.
On the upper right hand corner I used water and a paint brush-
you can see the color is more vibrant that way. Two different looks with Gelatos.
Cut my page down to a card size...
Edged with Gelato (blended-dry).
To really see the difference between dry and wet Gelato the left (yellow)
 is wet and the bottom & right (yellow-green & blue)
of the card was blended with a dry sponge.
I added this square to a blank card and decorated it.
The butterfly was cut from the same page and mounted only in the center
with Scrap Happy Glue and You're So Fine Glitter on top .
If I can do it so can you!
Happy scrapping!

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