Hey Chick! (prayer request)

I know you were expecting some big ol' pink and red valentine post
but yeah, thats not gonna happen!
I got new stuff! I was so excited I just got these papers hot of the press from
Ta Da Creative Studios I had to make something!
This collection is called Yee Haw
There is another brand new super cute collection called poolside too!
*the fabric tape - is from Love My Tapes!

This ones for the girls!
Yep you know who you are, I miss my friends
and since they know I am a total slacker
about keeping in touch I figured I'd do it here with this card!

  Here are the papers I used

"hittin' the hay"

  "bumper crop"
Yee Haw snippets and clippets!
So there you have it!
I hope you have a fantastic valentines day!
Prayer Request
As you know my son graduated early last year
at 16, he is now 17 and of course knows everything (I am just the mom).
He has been going to college, and we are grateful for that.
Since he graduated he has contemplated going into the military.
Seriously, I have no problem with the military and I honor and salute
our brave men and women who proudly serve our country.
My problem is when his father and I ask if he has prayed about this
decision he changes the subject, avoids answering and gets angry feeling like we
are questioning or making fun of his descision. He has changed his mind form
the Marines, to the Air Force and now to the NAVY.
He won't even talk about this with us except to "sign here" as he is still a minor.
He will be 18 in May.
Tomorrow he takes the ASVAB
and he will have some career choices to make
in the next two days. I can't imagine making life changing decisions
without first seeking God and His will for my life.
He is a believer and knows this.
Why he isn't seeking God in these matters I do not know.
 This morning he told me
"I don't have to pray about this, I made a decision and I'm sticking to it."
 be praying for him, I know he just thinks
we are tryng to influence his decision -
truly we know that it is his to make we just want
to be sure that he is making the right choice for him
 and that this is God's will for his life.
We are praying for wisdom and discernment,
that he will hear God's voice and make decisions based on God's will for his life.
Thank you, I am sure that you can understand my concerns
 and so very much appreciate your prayers.
May God bless your family.

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