CHA part 6!

Last Import-203
This caught my eye as I was walking by...Melissa Francis

Last Import-204
I think I need these trims!

Last Import-198
Fun dispaly!

Last Import-196
I needed way more time for all the vintage goodies in this booth!

Last Import-193
How cute is that garland? Coffee filters! Yay Ephiany crafts!

Love love  love this new line from GCD

Kaiser Craft
Kaisercraft always has awesome displays...
Kaiser Craft
Kasier Craft
Kaiser Craft
Kaiser Craft
Kaiser craft

                                          There you have it for today at least! LOL!
                                              Still more to come, did I mention
                                                    I brought home some goodies
                                                             from CHA to giveaway?
                                                                      Stay tuned!



Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
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