OK so I admit it -
I cannot sit and
watch a movie or TV show without doing something else at the same time!
...Well unless I am sick or something!

So I got some new goodies in the mail
from the Rubber Cafe and I had to play!
Of course I also had to pull out my
Gelatos and Big Stampers Brush markers.
We were watching some  movie but I was also busy
doodling and I am loving these products! EEEK!

These are stamps - so gorgeous!
I used several Big Stampers Brush colors on top of each other.
For two of the butterfly stamps I stamped first with color, then with glue.
When it was dry (but sticky) I added very fine glitter and rubbed it in-
I wish you could see how gorgeous this looks in real life!

I didn't worry about getting it perfect or anything,  just having fun!
Oh...are you noticing new colors on my page?
That's right Design Memory Craft has come out with
new colors for CHA!!!

To get the look of this back ground
I used the Gelatos like a crayon, scribbled a bit then scrubbed with this fun little tool
Lil' Inkerz from The Rubber Cafe
the spongy white one...
I repeated this with different colors and every once
in a while misted with a little water. (Just a little - enough to blend colors)
What is super cool about the Big Stampers Brush is that they don't bleed do you can
stamp first, them color or add another stamp after you have colored your background.
(Oh I used the brush one to brush off extra glitter!)

I think I need to pull out my art journal  & multitask more often!

Rubber Cafe
Stamps - Vintage Treasures, Large Paisley Butterfly, Blossom Branch
"You're so fine" Glitter - Blue Skies, Canadian Blue, Diamond cool Highlight
Scrap Happy Glue, Lil Inkers (tools)
Design Memory Craft
Big Stampers Brush - Manganese Violet, Cobalt Green, Light Green
Gelatos - *Pistachio, *Grape, *Lavender, Grape, *Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy
(*new colors) 

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