Well the countdown is on!
Christmas is four days away and in spite of being sick I have finished the shopping,
bought the cards (didn't send any but I am doing digi cards for those with computers)!
The kids saw Santa & Mrs Claus - which isn't a normal for us,
Christmas is about Jesus not Santa.
But this was at hubby's work Christmas Party and the kids had a good time!

The kids have enjoyed all the festivities and celebrations!
Baby girls Nutcracker performance, school & church parties and
last weekend they were in the Christmas production at church (pics coming soon!)

I can't say that my kids believe in Santa -
we really don't put that much emphasis
on him but baby girl had a few questions
about reindeer so she had to go back and ask...

As you can see
Santa was a bit perplexed
on how to answer her questions!
It was fun to watch!

Even hubby got into the spirit!

Today I am not leaving the house, the kids are out of school
and I am so tired of running around!
I am feeling better thanks to a shot and antibiotics!
Thank you for all the well wishing & prayers!

If I don't post again until Christmas, I want to leave you with this..
Imagine if you could that on Christmas day, you open  your front door
and on your porch would be a beautifully wrapped box
in your favorite colors.
 It would be tied with iridescent ribbon - a very large and perfect bow.
The tag says "for my dear friend" and you know that it was from me.

The gift is
 Joy, Peace, & Love.

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and
peace on the day we remember the birth of Christ.
I hope you take the time to thank God for you blessings.
Enjoy the people
you have been blessed with in your lives.
 I will try to do the same.
Here are cyber ((hugs)) for you!


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