Gingerbread baby!!

Baby girl had her first ballet recital!
She was a gingerbread in the Nutcracker!
She was so excited  - but kinda bummed
because she did not get to wear a pretty dress.
Half of the girls had to be gingerbread boys and
she cried when she found out she was one of them.
But we convinced her that she still looked adorable in her little costume! 
 She worked so hard!
And her teacher promised in the spring 
recital she will be wearing a beautiful dress!
Of course we think she still looks lovely and not at all like a BOY!
Here she is on stage...

You can see her right in the middle of those skirts! LOL! 
It actually made her easier to find onstage!

She was really nervous when she saw how many people
were waiting to come into the audience
 but she did a fabulous job!
We are so proud of her!
Our beautiful lil' gingerbread baby girl!


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