For the love of ...

 Over the summer I took these pictures and there were even more that I didn't use!
This is a great way to get lots of pictures on a page!
With all those pictures I wanted to make sure I left some white space too.
 I used these fun clear embellishments fror Clear Scraps.
Those traditional color papers are the "Frozen Tozen"
collection from Ta Da Creative Studios!
I also enjoyed using my pastel pencils and PITT Artist pens for the journaling.
 Kinda reminded me of high school & college
where I doodled all the time to stay awake in class! LOL!
(Umm I still do if I am tired!)
Oh did I mention the winner for my Novembers thankful giveaway???
please email me your addy
and let me know if you want
a Target card or a scrapbook store gift card!

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