Just Dance!

Here is one of those layouts that were used for HSN
using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft products and Brenda Pinnick stamps!
The top half of the page is a paper from Ta Da Creative Studios,
the bottom half is white card stock stamped using a Big Stampers Brush
 and one of Brendas stamps.
Then I went over it lightly with a Gelato and misted it with water.
I love that all of the PITT Artist Pens & Big Stampers Brushes
 do not bleed even when sprayed with water!
That ribbon is a lace tape from Love My Tapes - a gorgeous touch!
I think if you asked my baby girl one of the things she is thankful for,
 ballet would definitely be at the top of the list!
Baby girl made sure everybody at the table
 on thanksgiving said what they were thankful for this year!
How was your thanksgiving?
Did you remember to give thanks
for all your blessings?
You still have 3 days to enter my giveaway -
I am giving $30.00 for you to list 30 things you are thankful for!
Details here!

Today I am thankful for school -
it's good for the kids to learn and
stick to a shedule...
It's good for mom to have a break! :)

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