Capturing Canvas

Hey friends!
Today I am so excited to show you a class project I taught at The Crafty Scrapper a while back!
I love this mini - do you know how hard it is to make something and not share it on your blog?
I used all Faber Castell Design Memory Craft products and you will have to go to their blog if you want to know how I did it, but I will show you the pics! I will tell you that those Gelatos (hint!) are so versitile they really make crafting fun!

So how are you doing in your thankfulness challenge?
It's not to late to start! And I am giving away a $30.00 gift card!
Hmm do I need to add some scrap goodies in there to get you all motivated?
I will have to think about it.
Meanwhile on the homefront Spencer
is adjusting nicely to the family. He is very easy going and is doing
great with the kids! We have alot to be thankful for, we have had alot of changes
this year and somehow everything seems to be falling into place.

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