Working with canvas

 Hey bloggers! Did you know that that you can
use all your Design Memory Crafts products on canvas?
I  used my Art Grip Aquarelle Watercolor pencils to draw the outline.
(This works great because it blends into the background once you get going.) 

 Then I brought in my PITT Artist Pens and drew some more definite lines.
(Did you notice they do NOT bleed on the surface!)
 I filled in the spaces with the Aquarelles and used a blending pen
(this is basically a paintbrush with water inside - you can use a wet
paint brush) to pull the color to all of the hair. Whats nice about
this technique is you can add more, or change the colors adding
highlights to the hair.
 I used Gelatos on the  dress and Aquarelles on the heart, blended with water
 *A little trick I use is the white Gelato. If I want to lighten something up, or I just don't like the color combo I did I go back with  the white Gelato and blend with a wet brush, it gives a tie dye kinda look!
 Ahhhh! Much better! I used Aquarelles for her skin and gave her a little blush with the Gelatos.
I went back with my PITT Artist Pens to doodle and outline.
 Isn't she sweet?

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