Making time to scrapbook...

How cool is this? I whipped up this little bag for a challenge at Crafty Secrets
and won a new CD!!!
Lately I have been crazy busy with life.
Yes, I can admit that my scrapbooking supplies have been neglected,
sad but true. (I know, it is a shocker to me too.)
I have wanted to, I just haven't had the time.
So glad I made that little gift bag!
I decided I am going to schedule
time to scrap and just make it a part of my daily routine, just like everything else!
This week I took a lot of photos- here are just a few...
(*These photos have not been edited yet!)
 My mom and I took the little ones to the Dallas Arboretum
 - this place is fantastic if you ever get the chance you should go!
Here you can see that Baby girl lost her first tooth this month!
Abuela (grandmother, my mom) has now relocated to TX.
The kids love it! 
  My night owl just being silly!
 Baby girl knows how to get her Abuela to smile!
I saw this in the gift shop - totally CUTE!
Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff coming up on my blog!
I am seriously feeling a giveaway coming soon,
I'm just saying!

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