Technique challenges...

 White space...not my usual forte but I did use it for a challenge at Scrap Gal this month!
I am always using different techniques and some times less is more.
Here my son is helping his baby sister ride her new bike and this picture deserves center stage!

You know I could not resist trying a new technique though..
 I started with this pretty paper from American crafs but it didn't really go with my page so I added
a little paint with this paint daubber - I would pounce a section them wipe off some with a paper towel- the paper has a raised finish (the red flowers) that acts as a resist.
I also used a little Distress Stain to make some of the areas a little darker -
I liked the look but I ended up cutting up the paper anyway!

So if you have a great picture - try a little white space.
Got a great paper but the color isn't what you want?
Change it!


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Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

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