Whats going on with the Barakats!

We are settling into our new environment!
Baby girl is estactic, we just enrolled her in classes at a real Ballet dance studio!
The day she got her shoes she spent the day leaping across the floor!
She was so exhausted she fell asleep with those slippers on her feet- they a little swollen but that did not stop her from putting them right back on and start leaping again!

 This week we spent every night at VBS vacation bible school at our
church - the kids had a blast and actually learned a few verses!
 Here they are doing there lessons.
 Of course you cant have VBS with out a little freestyle dancing!

 The filmy pictures are thanks to a fog machine...
Baby girl was a dancing fool the ENTIRE time!

And although it is hard to do I did manage to catch the older two...

Not a great pic I know but  hey at least they are having a good time.
Our oldest son just finished his first semester at the local college and our oldest daughter
has taken the summer off of college and worked instead.
I cant believe how quickly this summer just flew by!
In a couple of weeks all the kids will be back in school (hallelujah!)!
I have finally come to the realization that I will not be able to finish unpacking
until they all go back to school!
As for me I am back on the worship team and have some other things in the works (can't spill the beans yet). I am still putting my scrapbook room together - I am going crazy I cannot find my Tonic Guillotine Paper Trimmer! It has to be in a box that has mixed things in and is mismarked because I have opened (yeah I said open - not put away) every box that said "scrapbook room"! I have some smaller ones but they don't cut perfectly straight every time! Where are you my little (big) Trimmer!
Tonic Studios Guillotine Paper Trimmer 12-Inch-by-12-Inch
Hubby is doing good at his job and my mom is town until Wed. So it's busy ,busy, busy!
How is your summer?
Did it go by quickly for you as well?

I have some projets on display at Creativly Yours Sketches today if you want to go take a look!


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