Cubes makeover!!!


A while back I did an experiment with the metal sheets from Ten Second Studio
I wanted to see if they would stand up to usage on  these drawers. You know the ones
we get from our local craft stores - they aren't the sturdiest but really come in handy for
storing crafty supplies. With my new scrapbook room I wanted to give them a makeover
because I wasn't thrilled by the way they look they really are useful.
So here is how I did it.

 I used Ten Second Studios metal sheets and molds - but I don't have that many
 so I started using various embossing folders and that worked as well. After a
bit I realized I had not embossed enough to cover all my drawers fronts so I
simply drawing on the back of the metal, little doodles and drawings. I really
like the randomness of the designs - it came together nicely! I cut the sheets in
half and they were perfect for the drawer fronts.

                                                   Once embossed, sand the raised images.

 Cover the surface with Gel Medium - a thick layer like frosting.

They aren't quite long enough to cover the entire surface so I did have to add a little on the ends.
It took 5 sheets to cover 9 drawers. I covered the glass window cube with 1 1/2 sheets.

To find the center measure 6 3/4 by...
(As you can see by little hands I have a really good little helper!)
 2 1/4.

Drill holes for new knobs!

A close up! EEK! SO excited!
Then I had to paint the cubes black- white just didn't make it pop and here is the finished product...
Ta Da!

This makes me happy!
And if your a local looking for these sheets & molds,
I got them at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahchie TX!

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