A work in progress...scrapbook room

Moving into a new house is hard work but
 I have my priorities in order, kitchen first then scrapbook room!

It isn't exactly done, or how I want it ...YET but it is a Work In Progress!
(Speaking of which the acrylic above is of course from Clear Scraps - they now have those totally cute dress forms!!!) And I had given myself a deadline so that I could participate in this...

My Desert Cottage

SO here is my UNFINISHED scrapbook room - where I create scrapbook pages & mixed media art -  painting and rearranging still needs to happen...
This cabinet (pink) has to be painted (hubby salvaged when a store was doing a remodel they threw it out!) and I am saving up for another  Creative Memories Photo Display  to fill that space above my counter! Notice I did score a mini fridge that houses candy and water!
The wood cabinets and counters are from Lowes - kitchen stuff! The counters work out great - they don't stain!

        As you can still see - I have boxes that still need to be unpacked!
There are many more in the hallway!

The back counter houses anything artistic - mists, paints, Pens...

I was a good girl and saved my money for these cubes (Expedit by Ikea!)(OK hubby pitched in too!) l I am in the process of changing the white drawer fronts - the tin is from Ten Second Studios, altered by me! They will be black, with the tin front and I got the knobs on clearance at Hobby Lobby. This will be another post when I am finished!

All tools including die cutting stuff is housed here. I was so blessed to have this beautifully hand made cabinet by friends siting on my porch one day! It is my favorite piece of furniture in the house!

Next to it are boxes for two more bar stools that need to be
built so I can have friends over to scrap!
In the corner hubby salvaged that huge
shelf thingy from the garbage - I love that man!
12x12 papers fit perfectly - I am not very good at
putting my layouts in albums right away!
Got this at a thrift store! Love it - perfect for small cut things that need to be seen!
On the right I house all my Faber-Castell Pens!
I just made this cabinet for my mists because
I could not find anything that would house all my mists!
I made this with those wood strips you find in a craft store,
in the unfinished wood section...but that's another post...
This is a drawer from  a little shelf unit - I cut plastic strips to hold them in place!
I used to have them Velcro to a cabinet but I use them so frequently I needed something more accessible - and I love the metal on the front of the drawer.

oh yeah - I had to have my fairies in the room!
I got these pretty boxes at Tuesday Morning.
Any questions - leave me a comment!
I get Internet tomorrow!
No more McDonald's and Starbucks posts! Yay!
Give some time to visit all your lovely blogs that I have missed by not being online!
Thanks for stopping by!


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