SO ignore my last post that said I have internet.
I dont.
So frustrating...It's a long drawn out story involving a certain internet company and a bunch of frustrating conversations that my house does exist.
(It does, we live there now.) And this compnay passing us to so many workers (you would think that with all those employees on the phone somebody would be able to get the job done. ) After all of this and HOURS on the phone we are suppossed to have internet on Friday the 15th.
AT least I will be able to print my airline tickets for CHA before I leave!
The silver lining is that I am getting things unpacked around the house and since my kitchen is taken care of my next priority is the scrapbook room! LOL!

AND I just saw this at
Love my Tapes!!!

If you haven't used these tapes - let me tell you they are awesome - and they are fabric love it!!!

Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
right here.