Hey bloggers - a quick post! I am at CHA helping set up but I want to give you this info!!!!Stay tuned for pics in the next few days!!

For the past month, Creative Memories has been competing in an online Brand Madness Tournament sponsored by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal to find the favorite Minnesota brand.
Much like a March Madness-style tournament, the online competition started with 64 Minnesota-based companies, and now it is down to the final two: Creative Memories and the Mayo Clinic. Throughout each round, we have been counting on our passionate and loyal fans to vote us into the next round, and the championship round will be no exception.
Voting for the championship round is scheduled to start Monday morning, ending at 9 pm Ct on Wednesday night. Since social media has played a huge role in getting us this far, we are using every angle we can to capture as many votes as possible. We would like to ask you to help us spread the word to promote the contest through your blog and round up as many votes as you can.
Background on the contest
Creative Memories has been called everything from the giant-killer (beating Target in Round 1) to the least-known brand in the tournament, but throughout the contest we have held an average of 72 percent of the vote in our rounds. Below is how we fared in each round.
Round 1: Creative Memories 81, Target 19
Round 2: Creative Memories 69, Arctic Cat 31
Sweet 16: Creative Memories 82, Wheaties 18
Elite Eight: Creative Memories 62, Mall of America 38
Final Four: Creative Memories 52, Dairy Queen 48 (More than 24,000 votes cast)
Championship: Creative Memories vs. Mayo Clinic (Results announced Wednesday)
The Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minn., has been receiving an average of 68.5 percent of the vote in their match-ups. The number of votes Mayo has been getting has been growing by big multiples with each match, and we expect the final match to grow even more. Below is how Mayo did in each round.
Round 1: Mayo Clinic 86 percent, Tastefully Simple 14 percent
Round 2: Mayo Clinic 61, Summit Brewing 39
Sweet 16: Mayo Clinic 72, General Mills 28
Elite Eight: Mayo Clinic 55, Lunds/Byerly’s 45
Final Four: May Clinic 62, Schwan’s 38 (Nearly 80,000 votes cast)
Championship: Creative Memories vs. Mayo Clinic (Results announced Wednesday)
We would love and appreciate any help we can get in our attempt to beat this well-known hospital. Follow the link below to vote starting Monday. Thank you!



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