Moving Day!

Yay! I can't believe it's finally here!
Today we will get keys to our new house!
Today we will move all our belongings from cooperate housing into our new home.
Unfortunately we wont be spending the night in our new house because we have no beds and bedding - the big truck with all our stuff in storage comes on Friday.
So moving in will be a 2 day process for us.

It's almost over.
It's almost over.
It's almost over.
Meanwhile baby girl has been adding her artistic touches
to our boxes as I pack - hm mm I think she takes after her mother...
I will be busy putting my house together this weekend so I probably wont post until next week.

I hope you are doing something fun this weekend! Happy fourth of July!


Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
right here.