A blank canvas...

do you ever look at white things and think "what could I do with this blank canvas?"
Or is it just me?
Here is a fun idea using Gelatos!
                                      Start by drawing lines around the hat - Gelatos come in
                                         color families so this makes chosing colors a snap!
                                                  And this is so easy your kids can help!
After you cover all surfaces spray with water and blend with a paint brush!

 Easy and fun!
A craft and a fashion statement!
                                                                       How fabulous!

                                                         2 more days until the MOVE!!!

This Thursday, June 30

8:30 PM EST

Join Faber-Castell’s Design Memory Craft team along with our fantastic co-hosts Claudine Hellmuth (@collageartist) and Christy Nelson @ChristyNelson1 for our next Twitter event this Thursday, June 30, between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. EST!

We’ll talk about some amazing projects using our Design Memory Craft product line!

Be sure to follow @collageartist, @ChristyNelson1, and us, @DesignMemCraft before the party!

· Please pay attention to the time zones, the party starts at 8:30pm EASTERN TIME

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