Tutorial some new items to use on acrylic...

Acrylic is such a versatile surface  & I'm always wondering what else I can use on it!
These are pics from Cali last year, the first time we ever took the little kids to the beach!
This is our dear friend Tracy with baby girl! They had such a good time together!
She loves these pictures and I know these are memories that will stay with her for the rest of her life!
  The background is an XL Dot  from Clear Scraps and for this layout I used these new products...
Well new to me anyways! As you can see, the cardboard underneath is my drawing of what I want to happen on my page. (It doesn't always turn out exactly how I planned.)
 Being acrylic I can lay my Dot right on top to follow the template.
 Arranging my photos and using Glue Dots (R) in between and on top of the photos. When I am ready I will simply set the acrylic right on top of the photos and you wont notice the Glue Dots (R). 

Spreading & writing in the sand...(Stone Art by Viva Decor)

 Here I used the Distress Inks and pounced onto candy packaging, then mixed in the Artist Spackle.
I spread that into "waves" added my pictures, title and Alcohol Inks on the back and there you have it!
You do have to give this stuff a bit to dry but the results are worth it!
Fun Stuff!

P.S. Thanks so much for your prayers - so far my daughter has NOT had another episode, we are looking for a doc to do a follow up and try to get to ther bottom of things! We are home safe and sound in spite of the storms and such!

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