Graduation Day

Our DS at graduation this morning! Not too shabby he finished 1 1/2 year early at 16 years old. Today not only did he come back to walk with the class of 2011, he was the closing speaker and named  "Most Outstanding Senior Male".  ( I don't know why they did not use the term Valedictorian or Salutatorian - because that is what he and this young lady were - but she did not make a speech.) 
 DS attended two schools at once for the past year and a half to accomplish this goal as well as a Varsity  spot on the Wrestling team and kept a part time job. Can you tell I am a proud mama?
I video taped his speech - and can I say I stink at videos when there annoying out of control little kids sitting behind me with their parents and grandparents encouraging rude behavior, thinking its cute! They were just as loud as the speakers - rude. I will spare you my annoying video. It is sad because it was a very good speech! If my kids could sit quietly and appropriately...I'm just sayin'!  I will share with you however a clip from the channel 5 news where they interviewed him! Check it out!                   
It was super fun to be home and see lots of our friends. It was like being "home".
We are leaving in the morning- we already miss them.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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