Barakat updates and house pics!

                                                               Oh my goodness!
Gone for a couple of weeks and look what we come back to!
            So exciting! The only bummer is with all the storms our closing date is now officially June 30th.
                      However the goood news is that date is final and we are able to
                       stay where we are until then...for a price, but that's another story. :(
The front door...
                                                                              The study...     

                                           The living room & fireplace mantle (still unfinished),
 From the living room, looking back at the formal dining room, study and front door (left to right).
 From the living room looking inot the kitchen,
with my new cherry wood cabinets and black granite counters!!!
 More kitchen...
                                                                        The island.
Looking at the part of the living room from the kitchen.
                                        Opening the back door to the backyard patio and fireplace.

            Looking back at the house...                                                            

                        The back yard.
                             Master bath and
walk in closet (that closet goes around the corner!)
                                                                             Going upstairs
                                                                   The top of the stairs

Also the top of the stairs
 Double doors to the Media (ahem scrapbook room) Room.
                                                There are no lights in the house yet so the
                                                pics aren't that hot- you get the idea though...

Updates on the fam-
First born DD seems to be just fine - no episdodes still waiting for doc app.
Baby girl had some real problems on the road with asthma but since we are home she is doing fine.
Mr HS grad is contemplating  joining the Marines, whatever he decides we are behind him 100%.
Two little boys can't wait for school to end-2 more days!
Thank you so much for the well wishes and prayers for our family, we so appreciate you!

And last but not least I am so grateful for the men and women serving our country,
blessings to the families that stay behind, and a double portion of blessings to those who have lost their loved ones.  

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