True Story..Seriously!

Hey bloggers!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I would like to say mine was great but I had some twists and turns!

Sat started out awesome I was so excited to get into a class at LSS The Crafty Scrapper, Ink boot Camp with Jenn Starr and got to shop for my classes where I will be teaching! But on the way I had to stop for gas - usually not an eventful thing but I managed to twist my ankle as I was stepping of the curb into my car. I won't lie- it stung I caught myself between the car and the car door and froze while I waited for the pain to subside.Of course at the same time looking around to see if anybody saw...and I am safe.

So I slip into my car, thinking "it's not so bad, I'm driving right?" And I continue to the LSS. I had such a blast in class with the other ladies, the owner and getting goodies for the classes I am going to teach that I forgot all about my ankle. Hours later I am on my way home and as I am driving I am thinking hmm, this kinda hurts. It's an hour drive and by the time I get out of the car I can't even put any pressure on it! I get home and it is painful so I ice it for a few hours. It is a little swollen but not bruised but the pain kept getting worse! By 10 PM hubby says enough is enough lets go to the ER.

They check it out and sure enough the ANKLE IS BROKEN!!! Uggh - and its the right foot- no driving for me! My husband although sympathetic is thinking I am nuts and says I must have been on a "scrapbook adrenalyn rush!"  to be on that ankle all day and not notice! LOL ( I think he's right!!!) Oh and I am wearing a scrapbook tshirt at the hospital and the doc says are you a scrapbooker? I saw yes, she asks "Have you ever heard of Creative Memories?" I say of course I am on the design team!!! How cool is that? She loves it, don't we all?

So no one can say I do not suffer my art! LOL! (umm maybe obsession!)
Here are the pics I promised from last week of The Crafty Scrapper...

Doesn't that just make you happy?

Today I go to an  orthopedic surgeon (docs orders) to see what happens next. I am in a partial cast from my knee to my toes- its wrapped up tight. At least my ds (16) baked me a cake! And although I can't drive I can scrap! LOL! ( And if you are thinking hey didn't she break her foot a year and a half ago - the answer is yes, that was the left one! uuugggghhhh!) So I am prepared this time, I still managed to go to church and out to lunch on crutches today but that was it - those things are killers under your arms!

Oh and a winner for ScrapGal blog hop RAK? Angie send me your address and tell my starbucks or target!


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