Big reveals! CM!

            I am so excited to share some things with you- I told you lots of new stuff was coming!
I made these a while back and boy was I excited to recieve this big cataloge the other day in the mail and find these layouts inside!!! These are all Creative Memories products and you can find them in the Spring/Summer 2011 Creative Memories catalog! You can see them, the supply list and directions for each project in the Creative Memories Project Center! I have listed all the links! 
          Directions to "Pretend"
By the way I made this costume for baby girl! Each felt feather was hand sewn by yours truly!
(Dont ask me to use a sewing machine! I might hurt myself!)
Big sister donated a long sleeve tshirt for this project which made a perfect little dress base for baby girl!

        Directions to "Princess"
Ahhh I will miss this wall! Baby girl looks so precious in her Cinderella dress aginst that wall!
These papers are so dreamy, perfect for a Princess and a fairytale!

Directions to "Sweetness"

 Directions to "3"
Ok I seriously only wanted to use three flowers but it didn't look balenced
 (shh don't tell anyone!).
Directions to "Love"
 I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them!
Thanks for stoping by!


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