You probably are thinking what is this on Rita's blog!!! LOL! This is what I've been up to... house stuff! We have been looking and looking and finally decided to go with a  new home. It will take a little longer to get in there but we are so excited! This is what the front of the house will look like but in these colors...

 The bathrooms...

The living room and kitchen...(Hardwood floors living room, tile in the kitchen Black Granite slabs on the counters and island!)

 Oh and this is my favorite of everything I picked - this is slate that will surround the fireplace!! It has this iridescent shimmer(hello you know I had to add some Shimmer in here somewhere!) thing going on, plus texture and color! Love  it!!
 Some lighting...

What I dont have a picture of is the backyard patio and fireplace that goes out there! Thats going to be pretty amazing too! Now of course I have been scrapping in between all the house appointments but you will have to wait until Monday for reveals! LOL!
Here is a little something I made for Faber-Castell!!!
I used their Gellatos and metallic markers on the canvas and sprayed the girl and moon image (Crafty Secrets) with Shimmerz   to give it that sparkle every girl deserves!

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