Story of an Apron and a few odds and ends...

 One of the really exciting things for me this year is being a part Faber-Castell and the new Design Memory Craft line! Here are some pics of the booth at CHA!
 I made that little canvas in that shelf and the layout below...
                                                                       Look familiar?
Here is an apron that I made for the booth...
I got lots of compliments - it looks better ironed! LOL!
Sorry for the wrinkles but I did this in the middle of a move- literally! I had movers in the house and got an email from Susan that they needed a few more projects for the booth at CHA. They were packing up my scrapbook room and on a break I ran down there to see what I could scrounge up! So I grabbed what was left - a few odds and ends, ribbon, flowers, metal pieces, a stencil, a canvas tag, a white peice of cardstock and an apron. (You did not seriously think I let them pack up my Faber-Castell PITT Artist pens, pencils and Gelatos did you? Nope I had already left those out! LOL!)

First I decided where I wanted everything to go then I used a Prima Stencil and traced it onto the pocket of the apron with a Pitt Artist pen in Cobalt Green. You get a great color and you know it's not going to bleed when you get it wet because it's India Ink- it stays put! Then I used  the art Grip Aquarelle pencils in greens and blues and colored in between the stencil. I took a small wet paint brush to blend the colors. The great thing about these markers, pencils and Gelatos are that they are meant to go together so they blend beautifully. Towards the bottom and the the top of the picture you can see what it looked like before I used the water to blend the colors. I used Gelatos  as I got into the bigger areas of the apron- you can't tell where I used the pencils and where I used the Gelatos- how cool is that? 
After the apron was dry I went back with a Pitt Artist Pen in Cobalt Green and in Deep Scarlett Red to write the quote and fill in the bird. Outlining the bird in black. I used them to outline the wave on the bottom of the apron and add a few doodles (x's and o's). I used Aleenes Tacky glue to adhere the ribbon and flowers. I even used the Pitt pens on the metallic to give it a similar look.
                       This was a quick and easy project, I loved doing it - I hope you'll try it!



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