Mr. Independence

Hey guys Rita Barakat here!
 Presidents day always brings to mind the good ol' red, white and blue!
And although my layout isn't about Presidents day, it  shows how versatile patriotic paper can be.
This layout was made with Ta Da Creative Studios Festivus Collection!  The blue laser cut paper is called "Kaboom" in the oooh La La Layers and I cute the stars and borders by hand from the Star Spangled Banner paper. Behind the laser cut paper is from the Jolly Holy days collection - I used the back side of the "Hung with Care" paper.
And if you're wondering, yes, that is my son holding worms! EEEEWW!
Here's an added bonus for ya...
Saw these today and snapped a couple of photos.
 Even on a big town, you can still find small town charm. Happy Presidents Day!

Oh And today we signed papers for a new house that we are building right outside of Dallas...
Yes, that sign says SOLD. We are very excited.


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