Hello peeps! More CHA pics! I seperated these and although they are not the best pics, you get the idea. The lighting in some parts of the building was hard and there was a lot of glare in this booth. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to walk up to a booth and see your work on display! Notice the layout under the spotlight? Yep that is mine...Here is a close up
How about this one...

the close up...
 Yep- that is mine too!!!
And you should recognize that carriage album if you you follow my blog...that was in this post.
 On the bottom ofthis picture is the Top Load Acrylic Album  with Graphic 45 (previous post).

The project on the left is this one..
And this is brand new, they are called Tri folds-the one in the center is mine...
See the mantle?
The banner is mine...

 Can you see why I was so busy before CHA? And this is just one of my teams! I love doing this work! I have two more booths with work I did for CHA but this was alot of pics today!!! Thanks for looking!!

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