Snow Days and a Christmas miracle...

 Waiting for snow days...Weird this time of year it usually snows around here and it hasn't!
The kids have been waiting, anxiously waiting! LOL! So I had to make this layout!
 I made this in November and it is still not snowing... I wonder if we will have a white Christmas...The weather people are not thinking so. Last year it snowed alot the night before Christmas and we woke up to snow covered sidewalks!  Normally I am not a fan of the snow - not because of me but because hubby doesn't like driving in it. I do hope it snow this year though, it will be our last white Christmas if it does.

We are moving. There I said it - it still doesn't seem real, but considering how quickly it is coming I need to get with reality! So hubby is so awesome and I am not the only one who thinks so! They gave him a promotion and are moving us to TEXAS! Whoa! We will be moving the second week on Jan, like I said it is all happening SO FAST!
SO here it is our most recent miracle…If you have been following my blog for any period of time or know our family in person you know we have adopted three kids with severe special needs.(We also have two bio kids) We have been praying for years for help for these three little ones (8,7&5). We live in a very small town and recently their doc has wanted to send us to a big hospital(in another state) to admit one of our kids in a treatment facility because our doc is out of answers- he would like a team of docs to evaluate him. I cannot tell you how scary it is to have a doc admit to you that he is out of ideas. He even presented his case (without revealing his name of course) at a doc convention with no answers(His case and history is extreme). Well we have 5 kids and limited finances – not to mention hubby has to work and I can’t just take off indefinitely in a hotel with 5 kids. So we have been praying for a miracle.

Hubby is a hard worker – they just offered him a promotion, in another state. Before they made an offer we prayed. We prayed that God would either open or shut that door so we would know that it was in His will for us to go. My hubby decided in his mind that if they offer was a 3-5% increase he would have to accept it. So not only did he receive an offer with an increase – it is an 8%increase (God’s math)! In addition it is in a city and state that has not only one but THREE facilities that treat our type of kids. In addition the company is paying for everything- the move, to fly our family out there, they will even buy the house if it doesn’t sell in two months. If that isn’t a Christmas miracle I don’t know what is!

I am praying for a Christmas miracle for you too!
Merry Christmas!


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