10 things...

Wow does time fly and it seems to be just passing me by these days! So much to do and not enough time in the day! I keep trying to take in and enjoy the daily moments, we have 13 days until we move, 7 days until they pack up our whole house...Meanwhile we are purging, cleaning and trying to organize what goes with us, into temporary housing or storage. At the same time I am keeping my sanity by praying, listening to praise & worship music and of course scrapping. I am working on some top secret projects for CHA but I did manage to pull this one out for ya! 
 I used a gel souffle pen to line those scrolls and beautiful flowers. (Papers are Websters) This is actually three different pages but the lines went so well together I was able to pull this off.
 Oh and finally today it snowed!  It rained later in the afternoon, so it all turned to mush but it is supposed to snow 4-6 inches tomorrow! The kids are super excited to have fun in the snow before we move!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful and if I don't catch you before Fri night- Happy New Year!


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It's fresh.

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