Moments to remember...

 One of the things I have to start doing this time of year is mini albums for friends and family that live out of state. (Whom I am also very thankful for!) This fancy pants mixed media is an add on from Citrus Tree Studio using this months kit. I am really loving this line from Echo Park!
 Here I use a little paint...
 Here I used these brand new water color pencils from Faber-Castell!
I cut out the little houses from the Echo Park paper.

Here I used a border punch, lots of layers and a rub on from Basic Grey.
I have never loved felt until now. I love the rich color in the background and in the flowers!
I still need to go and write a little journaling...
Hmm who will I send this to???
An ER story
So today I get a phone call today from the nurse at baby girls school.
The nurse tells me baby girl has a cut on her head, that she got it in the bathroom
on the paper towel dispenser. I ask how she is - she says she's fine that she just needs
a change of clothes. Then she says, well maybe you should take her home to clean her up a bit...
I get there and she is a mess, covered in blood.We talk for a minute and she says maybe you should take her to the doctor, maybe she need stitches or at least glue. So I take her to urgent care and after TWO HOURS of checking vitals and various people checking her head, her eyes and asking questions- the same questions over and over. By the time the doctor came and started asking the same questions baby girl just stared at her.
No response.
 Just staring her down!
The doc looks at me as if to ask if she's alright when baby girl says to her in a monotone voice.
"I already answered these questions to everybody who keeps coming in here!
Can I go home now?"
She was so annoyed, I couldn't help but laugh. The doc laughed too.

Anyways she is alright, we just have to watch her. And of course she has a headache.
The wound is under her hair and not enough to need stitches, we just have to be careful.
I hope tomorrow is an uneventful day!


Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
right here.