Goodies anyone? Needing a little giveaway for a gathering? These are so easy to put together!
Supplies: Supplies:

Pattern Papers & Alphas (Momenta-All Through the Year Super Paper Pad),
Cardstock (Momenta - Earthtones Paper Pad), Flowers (Prima),
Large Brads, “Sparkly Fluff” from OurCraftLounge.net,
Glue Dots ®, Staples, Quart size sandwhich bags, goodies (to fill your bags),
Jute, Shimmerz

Bag Instructions:
Cut your cardstock into 4x6 rectangles (one sheet yields 6 rectangles)

Fold these rectangles in half.

Cut your pattern papers into 1 ½ x 5 ½ rectangles.

Fill your bags and fold a corner over, the bags are slightly bigger than 6 inches and you want to cover the top of the bag with your folded cardstock. Staple these to keep them closed. Use Glue Dots ® to cover the staples with the pattern paper. Use another Glue Dot to hold the flower in place.

Flower Instructions:

I sprayed the flowers with several colors of Shimmerz and set those aside. I took the large brads and covered them with Glue Dots(R), dipped them in the Sparkly Fluff. When the flowers are dry use the covered brads for the centers.

I had leftover pattern papers so I just had to make a card!

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