Sunkissed beauty

Oh my goodness does time fly or WHAT??? I cannot believe we are already into fall and summer days are behind us , or at least they will be by the end of the month when the weather turns cold here! Today it's a  beautiful 80 degrees. Perfect weather for me. So I leave you with a summer lo - ahh doesn't baby gilr look cute? She cracks me up becuase she posed on that rock saying "take my picture!" At least one of my kids like having their picture taken!
I love orange (yes, I can admit that Miss E.LOL) and look at the vibrant color on these papers. These are from Momenta and I love that although there is a palm tree they are not your typical colors. I love scrapping wiht these colors...Hmmm fall colors- yes! The papers and stickers are from the "Endless Summer" collection.  

      It's actually a two page lo - I don't know why but I have such a hard time photographing 2 pagers!
                     If anybody has any hints on how to get a good picture of a 2 pager let me know!
There you have it. OH and swing by tommorow I have some really cool news!


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