Back to School!!!

Ahhh back to school, gotta love it! Especially me who now has three 1/2 hours four days a week to herself! LOL! What will I do with myself??? Well today I have a GCD Studios project for you about back to school! A two pager even!

I must admit that I am horrible about getting a good picture of a two page layout so I take them separately. There is a considerable risk however that the pages will not line up when you put them together! Trust me when I tell you the big circle does line up in person!
                                    You are creative and you can visualize it, right? Good!

The layout was inspired by this page...
The papers and accessories are (of course) GCD Studios,
   the Homespun Chic collection.
                                                            (Alphas are Making Memories)
I really loved doing the pic of their little backpacks and shoes.
I think when they are older they will get a kick out of that!

My oldest son gave me a typical " no way I am doing back to school photos" 'tude so I snapped his pic as he was walking to class! (maybe he'll appreciate that one day too! LOL!)
I love fall, it's my favorite time of the year. I love back to school, new pencils, art supplies, paper and notebooks! Back to school shopping and a little peace and quiet.

                                                         SHHHH hear that? Um hmm...
                        Nothing. Gotta love it! Here's wishing you a little peace and quiet in your day!


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