Measuring Up & Friday Antics!

Today we left our firstborn daughter in another state to go to college. It seems like yesterday she was little like baby girl. As a mother I wonder if I taught her all she needs to know, if she is truly prepared to deal with the world. Did we, as parents, do our job?
We spent hours in the car talking, about life; Basically spending time reviewing life lessons and choices. We have raised our children to be smart, independent, self reliant and respectful. She believes in God, love and family. She makes good choices and I know that she will continue to do so. We are extremely proud of her and what she has planned for her future.

But my job is not over - not for her or my other kids. We will continue to feed them with love and encouragement, like in this layout. I made this a while back but had not posted it.(Papers are GCD Studios)
Here are some pics I took this morning, today was really hard.
Here she is with three of four sibs and here with her daddy.

While I was gone I had a lot of emails, one of them was this from Brave Girls Club

"Dear Beautiful Girl,
It is important to remember that no one has the right or the power to

take away your choices, your thoughts or the essence of who you are.

Lots of things in life can be taken from us, but most of the things that are

most valuable can not. The things that matter most can not be seen, and really

CAN be protected fiercely by our own selves so that they are not violated or

crushed in any way. No person and no situation can make us feel bad or small

or stuck unless we allow it to. It is our choice.

Be careful with your dreams, be kind to them. Protect your choices and your

ability to make them. Make good choices so that you are not chained by the

consequences of poor ones. Watch your thoughts and make sure that what you

want most is what you are thinking most. Stand up for what you believe in

and don't settle for anything else.

We can decide what kind of life we want to have, and we are the ONLY ones

who can decide. We can't wait around for things to happen, we must take

action to make them happen. No more excuses, baby.......let's do this.

You are phenomenal, courageous and wonderful....


This is for my dd and for you my friends.
Wise words.

Friday Antics!

This night owl gave our firstborn a really hard time. He hid her keys numerous times in the past two days, he refused to talk to her or look at her. They are very close and he has been given her such a hard time! We all know it's because she is leaving and he is not happy about that! Finally she got him to take a picture with her and as she was driving away he told her he loved her and that he would miss her. She was driving and so she did not hear it, so I am posting it here for her to see.
Meanwhile before she left she was looking all over the house for her favorite blanket to take with her. She finally gave up and asked me to send it when I find it...Guess who is sleeping with that blanket tonight???
Have a great weekend...

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