Friday Antics...

OK this happened on Wed but I thought it would make a funny post so here it is!

On Wed my 8 year old decided he was moving out! So we let him pack a bag and walk around for about an hour- followed him in the car. It was pretty funny watching him know on neighbors doors asking them if he could live there. Lucky they all know him and said no, very nicely and sent him on his way. The only reason he came back after an hour of dragging that suitcase around is that it started raining - hard!!!lol! He was soaked but he came home! He had a little lunch - he was very hungry and is finally over himself! I did manage to sneak some photos! I think it will make a fun lo - sick huh?

(Oh and to clarify he made sure that we all understood he was not "running away"
 just "moving out" because he might want to visit us sometimes!)

Then the rain came down....

This is really funny - while I am snapping all these pics my beautiful boy says
"Aren't you going to help me with this bag?" Too funny!!!


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It's fresh.

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