Birthday Celebrations!!!

oooh don't you just love birthdays? Well we probably celebrate birthdays a lot differently than other people - not that exciting but meaningful and necessary. We don't do big parties, or tons of presents, there is not even wrapping paper. Our kids are different and react differently to those typical birthday celebrations. However we must find ways to celebrate the birth of our little blessings so we simply keep it low key. Yes they do get presents - a few, no more than five and they are not wrapped. I don't know why but wrapping paper seems to be a trigger and overwhelms our kiddos. We give presents right away and it is their day - they choose what they would like to do all day long. Sometimes it means
eating at McDonalds for three meals (yuck! LOL!) or it may mean a little shopping (baby girl), Chuck E Cheese (if it is a weekday) or  go karts.
They choose cake, cupcakes or another dessert and what flavors. Of course baby girl always picks "pink" she does not care about the taste - she just want's it pink!

Our night owl likes things plain - always vanilla ice cream, white cake and vanilla frosting!
He also eats hamburgers plain meat and ketchup - thats all!

Boo is our wild card - you never know what he's going to want! LOL! This year it was marble cake(black and white) and white frosting!
Having three birthdays in one month is a lot of excitement in our house!

All of the papers and letters in these layouts are from Momenta - they have a Birthday Wishes pad and the cardstock is from the Earthtones pad. The bling is from ZVA Creative and I made the dots with Viva paint pens.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

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