A while back I posted a fairy that I made and I mentioned my baby girls room, some of you asked to see it and I forgot to post pictures. Well because I am doing all these projects for CHA (and they are top secret)  I decided to post these pictures now. In a few weeks I will be able to post the new projects so keep checking in but for now here is a mural I painted for baby girl.

It's hard to get the whole wall because of the angle in the room but you get the picture. I wanted it to be magical because baby girl is creative and full of imagination. She is a girly girl, loves princesses and faries and all things pretty.
If you look to the top of this picture you can see I painted the door to the attic with dark blue skies and glow in the dark stars.
Anyways I am working on some really fun stuff and I promise will share them with you soon!

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