When one door closes...

Hello friends! It feels like forever since I've been on here! First of I have been crazy busy! My oldest graduated from High School and we had family and friends over from out of town. I was going crazy trying to get the house ready for them, the party and for putting it on the market (yes, we are selling but we are not moving out of town) and while painting the boys room I fell off a ladder and broke my foot!

So the doc tells me to rest and put my foot up - but with all that was going on you know I couldn't do that!
After the party we drove 8 1/2 hours each way to take our oldest to orientation/registration at college.
Sigh, my first born in college - this could be hard!

Meanwhile I have found that it is very difficult to keep my house totally clean so you can "show" it with five kids on summer break, a grandmother visiting and scrapbook! 
But I have my priorities! LOL!

But enough about me!
This page is from the Anticipation kit at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out.

This theme is perfect for the changes going on right now. June marks one year as a designer for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out. I was kinda wondering what would happen next and to my surprize they have offered me a new position that is under wraps right now~ but very exciting! 
Note the faux stained glass above the door! 
This was so fun! I used a small circle form Clear Scraps.
I drew the pattern with Viva paint pens and filled in the "window" with alcohol inks. 
I would definately do this look again...I just don't know what for yet! ;)
Here is the view with the door open.
And a close up of the journaling!
On a different topic I just want give a shout out to all my new peeps!!
"Hello! and Welcome!"
Now I do not pretend to be totally computer savvy but when I click on your beautiful pictures I can't always get a link to your blog so I can visit you! However if you leave me a comment I can track you down! LOL! Anyways I would love to check out your blogs so leave me a link! ;)
Have a wonderful day...or night wherever you are!

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