Womens rights...

Disclaimer: I am not an activist and this is not what you think..I hope I got your attention and I hope that you will read on...

This months kit at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out is called Femininity and we have all come up with topics that I think you might not think of for our layouts when it somes to this subject. 
I am no exception. This is a topic that is so important to me, especially because it effects me personally.
SO although you may have come just to look at a pretty layout I encourage you to read my journaling on this page. 

If it is easier to read, here is the journal.

My son and I were watching a TV show “Law and Order” and in the episode a woman was pregnant and drinking, heavily. They explained on the show that any drinking can cause permanent damage to the fetus (baby), the husband (although separated) was trying to fight for custody of the unborn child and trying to get the woman in rehab for the term of her pregnancy so that she would not be allowed to drink and he could adopt the baby when it was born. This woman had already given one baby up for adoption and turned out that the first baby had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There was a whole lot more to it, but the bottom line was that her rights as a woman - the right to drink- outweighed the rights of the unborn child and it made me sick.

Perhaps because I know that there are many women out there like this woman who continue to drink (among other things) knowing that they are pregnant. Perhaps it is because it is personal; I am raising their children and know the struggles these children face in a daily basis because of the choices their biological mothers have made. Oh, I know it is your right to drink, to party, to use drugs but it is not alright to force someone else to do the same- especially a baby. (Even if you call it a fetus.)

It was amazing to my son that they were explaining Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how even one drink can cause it. He thought everyone knew this and he is fifteen. The sad truth is that some people still don’t know and the damage done to the baby by drinking is not reversible - brain damage, no inhibitions, lack of good judgment, mood swings, physical deformities, uncontrollable and reckless behavior…The list goes on and on. I wish that every student could learn this before they ever took a drink. It breaks my heart for the children as well as the mothers that didn’t know what they were doing at the time. It blows my mind and infuriates me that someone would do this knowing what it could cause to their unborn child. We have a right to protect ourselves, but who will protect the children?

Intense. I know but it's true. Sad and infuriating. It had to be said, I wish everyone knew this but sadly that is not the case. I am not trying to hurt feelings but the truth is these children will suffer the rest of their lives. SO there it is, I hope you read there I am interested in your thoughts and if you knew this. Have a blessed day.


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