Hello friends! One thing I love about kids is they wear their heart in their sleeves! I mean you know right away if they are happy or sad and they tell you exactly what they think! In baby girls case she wears it right on her face! I don't know why but she gets these bouts of happiness and breaks out into dancing! She doesn't need any music, she is just full of joy!

Of course what better paper to team up her fun personality than with GCD Studios.

Colored Birds - Artsy Urban by Melody Ross,

Book Page - Artsy Urban by Melody Ross

I also used the  Artsy Urban 5" x 7" Mat Pad, the strips for the notes were scraps I had.

The button and the Borders are also from the Artsy Urban Collection.

The letters are Making Memories and KI Memories.

Did you notice the height she gets off the ground? The girl just cracks me up! I felt the paper with birds was perfect for her - she is such a free spirit!

I didn't even know that GCD Studios made buttons! I had to add this button in here - there a ton of different styles in one little package and this was perfect! Very cute!

How about a tutorial?

Thanks for stopping by!

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