Stories of a Lifetime

Today is so exciting! Two things to share with you today! One is this layout for Faith Sisters ! Today is the first day for "Your Lifetime Story". The first challenge is to make a title page for your book! I had to make a collage and this is what I came up with! I cannot tell you how much editing I had to do to these old photos to mak them look normal! I got these photos from my mom, some were from my grandmothers. I don't have to tell you how discolored the pictures get form putting them in those horrible old sticky backed photo albums!

Yes, that is me and my mom! LOL! And me now. As you can see in most of the pictures my mom kept my hair short (picture me making a face! hated it!) because it was so curly she didn't know what to do with it! By the time I got in High School I let it grow and to this day prefer long hair...even if it is in a ponytail most of the time! (Little trivia for ya!LOL!)

Something else I noticed was the amount of yellow in the pictures.That cracks me up because I wear alot of colors but the one color you will not find in my closet is yellow! I dont even scrap yellow! I may use it as an accent color, but it will be a pale yellow. But enough about that!
This challenge has just started so you can still join in and make your title page this week! Check out the link above!
On a different subject yesterday they announced the new design team at Scrapperie and guess who's on it???   Me!      

Scrapperie has been totally revamped as a challenge blog and there will be challenges everyday of the week!SO if you're in a rut or just looking for a challenge go check it out! I will be posting a technique challenge there every other Tuesday beginning Jan 19th! All of the challenges start on Jan 18! No pressure, you can do as many or as few challenges as you want!

Hope to see you there!


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